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Enrique Yamid Garzón Gonzalez, Sergio Huertas Martínez, Alejandra Moscoso Gamez


This article presents the methodology of  implementation of the system of measurement and communication of the angular velocity and pressure in a Pelton turbine of type training; using LabVIEW ® and a Microchip ® microcontroller and its display in a graphical user interface. A device that receives a signal or stimulus and responds with an electrical signal was used for the acquisition of the variables. The tools presented in this implementation, you can acquire and submit accurate data at a speed of 12 Mb/s. The communication is done using the Call Function Library for LabVIEW ® tool, which makes use of mpusbapi provided by Microchip ®. The bridge that establishes the communication  via USB libraries of the CCS C Compiler ® and the driver mchpusb for Microsoft ® software.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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