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A comparative study between two student groups of Physics in the Pre-college Educational System



As an interesting experience on the teaching-learning process, Moodle e-learning platform will be implemented in one of the two  pre-college level physics groups in the Chapingo Autonomous University,  that is, those students completing the requirement course in order to be admitted at the college level. This study will show how the use of new technologies improves the learning progress linked  to physics concepts and through these worksheets. The first group will be working with class activities in the  classroom  of  physics. The second group will be  monitored  with the platform Moodle as external e-media. This latter group will be selected from pre-college students in Regional Centers outside the Chapingo Campus. The application of Moodle has not been implemented in the  study of Basic Experimental Physics. This proposal has been designed in four stages. The first one defines the  theoretical framework  and describes the didactic  model, which consist of three kinds of worksheets. The second stage  displays the results between similarities and differences in both groups, as  resulting  from the worksheets conceptual, phenomenological and experimental-formal).  The third stage includes the discussion on the information collected and how this new technology could improve the physics learning process in pre-college students. Finally, the last stage gives information on how elearning might be an alternative implement in other campuses.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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