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The democratic potentiality of technologies

Lucilene CURY and Cleonildi TIBIRIÇÁ.


The researchers of the CNPQ “Cibernética Pedagógica” – Digital Languages Laboratory (LLD) of the School of Communication and Arts of the University of São Paulo (Brazil), have been working towards understanding the different features of interdisciplinarity and, in the present paper, the authors ponder over the matter of technology and its interfaces with science and education, under the influence of Marshall McLuhan, Edgar Morin, Jacques Derrida, and the philosophers of Frankfurt’s critical theory, Herbert Marcuse and J. Habermas.

It is proposed, under this focus, a theoretical reflection over the actions that take place in real social conjectures, in accordance to the results already obtained through projects carried out by the research group – specially the “Atalhos para a Inclusão Digital” -, making it possible to describe a scientific practice relevant to contemporaneity, which, in its course, can appropriate itself in a critical way to technology, breaking with the strict epistemological paradigms and proceed to researches that shall make reference to theoretical studies of different fields of knowledge, emphasizing the interdisciplinarity as an essential substrate of this reflection, always intending to promote Education.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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