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Improved the Quality of Experience Assessment with Quality Index Based Frames over IPTV Network

Diego J. Botia, Javier F. Botia, Natalia. Gaviria G, José M. Menéndez and David Jimenez.


Assessing the Quality of Experience (QoE) for multimedia services transmitted over a network has become a major issue for telecom providers (Telcos), because it can determine the real user satisfaction regarding the service they hire. For this reason, we present the metrics based on the Reduced Reference (RR) methodology called Quality Index Based Frame (IQBF) and New Undecodable Frames Index (NUFI) that are simple metrics to implement and  it  requires low computer resources. Also, high correlations are observed with metrics widely used, such as PSNR, VQM and SSIM, and clearly state their advantage.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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