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Delay efficient Layer by Layer Angle Based Flooding Protocol (L2-ABF) for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks

Tariq Ali, Low Tang Jung  and Ibrahima Faye.


The advancement of acoustic modem technology in providing better data rates and more reliable underwater wireless communications has motivated many researchers to create various algorithms to support such technology in a better way. These continuing researches have greatly improved the underwater communication performance in the last two decades. However issues such as inefficient horizontal communication between the sensors nodes on same depth level, high end to end delays between source and sink nodes, propagation delay, as well as poor data delivery ratios are still posing challenges for effective and efficient data packets routing. In this paper, we present a novel Layer by Layer Angle Based Flooding (L2-ABF) routing protocol to address some of these challenges for the partially connected underwater communication environments.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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