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Usage of Building Automation Infrastructure for Health-Care and Ambient Assisted Living Applications

Volker Schuermann and Christian Weidauer


Due to improved living conditions and medical ad-vances, the life expectancy of people increased sig-nificantly. But it also means that these days and es-pecially in the future much more people are depend-ent from support in old age than in the past. The classical approach of the outpatient or inpatient care by qualified nursing staff is complicated, expensive and does not support around the clock care usually. More recent healthcare concepts rely on technology which supports people in their everyday life in their own apartments or houses. For this purpose usually specialized hardware and software components are developed, which are sometimes very expensive and complex. This paper proposes a massive simplifica-tion at this point by harking back to building auto-mation infrastructure which is already available in many cases. In this paper it is a highly flexible and configurable UPnP based infrastructure which relies on web technology.

Full Paper in PDF Document

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