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Unisalento Facebook App: A Window on the University Services from Facebook

Antonio Capodieci, Angelo Martella and Roberto Paiano


This paper reports the results of an experiment in integration and interoperability between Web services offered by the University of Salento and the most popular and branched system of social networking on the net, Facebook. This experiment aims to extend the boundaries of web services offered by the Unisalento to their students, up to “land up” on Facebook. Therefore, the main objective of this experiment is to grant to the students of the University, the opportunity to create a point of access and use of the Unisalento’s web services, within his/her own homepage on Facebook. Thinking in this sense, universities are increasingly extending its boundaries up to meet the social network tools, in an attempt to open a window on its services, in the ludic-recreational context that these tools are able to offer.

Full Paper in PDF Document

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