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The Usage of Information and Communication Technlogies in Teachers’ Formation Courses

Alexandre Guimarães, Lilian Corrêa and Valéria Martins


Nowadays, a teacher cannot think of giving his classes without taking into consideration that his/her students will probably have, in one of their pockets, a mobile full of games, apps and internet. Some with more sophisticated varieties and others, the poorer ones, with more simplified versions or even pirate ones. However, the Brazilian educational universe is far from facing the complete usage of resources in technology and communication in the context of Elementary Education. In the global scenery of the country, few schools have the necessary tools for the didactic application of information and communication technologies. It is important to point out that many teachers and even students are digital and mediatically illiterates for the accomplishment of projects which involve such technologies, no more considered as novelties. Nevertheless, this fact does not exclude the possibility of working, mainly in the universe of teacher formation. It is from this perspective that the idea of proposing Languages graduation students the creation of mediatic games that could be used as tools for teaching and learning in Portuguese classes for Elementary Education came out. This research means to describe such experience and propose didactic and methodological practices that are close to the virtual everyday life that, today and in a significant manner, invades the lives of many students. Besides, a proposal is presented for teacher formation, taking into account the contemporary educational context that considers the students as protagonists in building their knowledge.

Full Paper in PDF Document

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