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The Effect of Competency Based Training on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Skills in Ghana: A Case Study on Takoradi Polytechnic Engineering Students

Matthew Kweku Gyan and John Frank Eshun


Worldwide, governments are preoccupied with creation of employment to ensure that all their citizens have an income and a livelihood. The level of unemployment and underemployment amongst the youth in Africa is growing, as population increase is becoming a serious problem. Youth unemployment is predicted to be detrimental not only to the economy but also to society, leading to social unrest, usage of drugs and unwanted pregnancies among others. The youth need an educational foundation that gives them the qualities skills that will ensure them have a good income and a livelihood. The teaching of entrepreneurship or innovation skills at the tertiary institutions in Ghana is very crucial to harness this dream. The study objective is to explore students’ challenges about entrepreneurship concepts and justify its impact on Polytechnic engineering students in Ghana after graduation. The result indicates that the continuous teaching on an instruction-based approach of learning has effect on the innovation and entrepreneurship competencies for polytechnics’ engineering students in Ghana. To provide ongoing feedback on how students can effectively apply entrepreneurial skill after graduation, the study recommends competency based learning as the best option for Ghana and Africa.

Full Paper in PDF Document

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