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Study Takeoffs and Landings at Airport in Santa Maria Aracaju (Brazil)

Emanuele Carvalho Oliveira de Almeida, Victor Felix de Mesquita, Ellana Cassia Araújo Dantas de Almeida, Stephanie Russo Fabris and Suzana Leitão Russo.


This study aims to test whether there were significant differences at the 5% level, between the average delay takeoffs and landings, the airlines and identify which of these companies had significant differences. Data were collected from takeoffs and landings, the months of January and April 2012, the airlines operating at the airport in Santa Maria Aracaju (Brazil) and held the ANOVA and multiple comparison test. The results indicated that the average delay in departures were higher. Although January is considered high season and April, low season, the results indicated no differences between the mean delays. The highest average delays of both landings as takeoffs occur in the large airlines.

Full Paper in PDF Document

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