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Multi-Layer Architecture for Transition of Business-Models to common Software-Tools and Optimization of the Model-Structure exempliied with Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Sebastian Lauck, Christoph Laroque and Philip Hartmann.


This paper describes a model to transfer established business models like bml models into a new dynamic structure which is immediately usable in standard software and portable between different systems without complete reengineering.  Many products like Microsoft SharePoint provide toolkits for workflow development but these workflows are stored commonly in a proprietary way and are not easy alterable and adoptable.

Aside from the possibility to embed complex business models in standard software, this approach supports runtime altering of the workflow structure in terms of optimization of the process structure to different targets like time, cost and quality. An exemplary extension to the basic model is given which describes a capacity limitation in single process steps. To respect these bounds it is necessary to embed artificial constraints in the workflow structure.

To reach the goal of a loose coupled dynamic structure a multilayer architecture was developed, in which dynamically connected objects are used to represent the formal model structure. This approach allows a translation of process-descriptions into requirement-definitions which can be stored in relational database structures.

The approach was validated by developing a prototype based on SharePoint 2010. A short description of the prototype follows the conceptual introduction.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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