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Learning Objects for the teaching on Electric Circuits using the Theory of the Registration of the Semiotic Representation by Raymond Duval

Sandra Maria Dotto Stump, Raquel Cymrot, Yara Maria Botti Mendes de Oliveira and Ivanilda Matile.


The purpose of this work was to develop the construction and the adjustment of the Learning Objects, used as an additional resource in the classes of the discipline “Electric Circuits”, emphasizing the graphic analysis of information that is equated and solved with complex numbers. It had as theoretical base the Registration of the Semiotic Representation by Raymond Duval and aimed at making the learning process easier by the use of different ways of registering and, therefore, enabling a greater contextualization and signification to the learning process.  The Learning Objects, with the necessary adjustments, are used as support to the construction of mathematical concepts related to the analysis of circuits under steady state, which, for involving electrical quantities, such as tension and electrical current, require the solution of sinus and cosinus equations, which are not always easy to be solved. In addition, it is important to consider that the graphic visualization facilitates the understanding of concepts, when it comes to more complex circuits, despite the fact that the conversion of the representation of a phenomenon is not a trivial and automatic activity. The real understanding of the relation among the electrical quantities is determinative for the development of a professional and this is exactly the purpose of the use of the resources, stimulating the significant learning and enhancing the methods of analysis.

Full Paper in PDF Document

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