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Is the Use of Technology One of the Critical Issues Facing K-12 School Superintendents?

Ronald A. Styron, Jr. and Jennifer L. Styron.


The purpose of this study was to further extend research on critical issues as identified by principals to those identified by superintendents within K-12 school districts and determine the frequency and degree of issues reported that relate to technology.   This study  involved surveying school district  superintendents  located in a rural state in the southern region of the United States to discover what types of critical issues superintendents self-identified, the significance level of these issues, and the rationale behind the top ranked critical issue as identified by each superintendent.
Findings from this study will also be compared with identified critical issues of school principals within the same state to determine similarities and differences of reported issues.   Furthermore,  a study regarding cyberbullying conducted by Styron and Styron [1] provided evidence of the growing importance of managing student and teacher technology use as it relates to student safety and mental health.  Determining whether administrators recognize the importance of technology security and surveillance as a critical issue will result in implications for future research and leadership training.

Full Paper in PDF Document

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