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Investigating and Modelling the Tangles of Design and Communication

Marco Maiocchi and Margherita Pillan.


The role of product design as one of the main asset capable to promote innovation and economical rise is well known and made popular by mass media, and so is its role with respect to the excellence of industrial products including aesthetic qualities and emotional factors. Following tradition Design is mainly based on technical skills and artistic intuition, transferred through atelier-like activities from teacher –wizards to apprentice-wizards learning by examples, and without any guarantee of the results. In fact, what is commonly called Design has been scarcely modelled and the mechanisms of attraction of designed products are still scarcely understood.

The paper presents an original model of Design, and discusses the communication nature of the discipline, exploring the compositional structure of the design artefacts, the role of the perception mechanisms in provoking the construction of meanings and in the arousal of emotions; some possible new conceptual tools are presented, as well as some experiences.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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