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ICTs as a Methodological Resource in Works on Critical Regionalism

Alexandre Guimarães , Lilian Corrêa and Valéria Martins


Justino, o retirante (Justino, the retreater), Odete de Barros Mott’s book, is a work which is close to the characteristics of critical regionalism, a movement which represented the general and specific problems of certain Brazilian regions. The regional picture in this literature was made through the reflection surrounding essential social problems, destined to provoking consciousness by means of denounce and presenting as a target, in this sense, the contribution in the search of a solution for this problem. The scenery which is presented is composed by the road, an environment which assumes fundamental importance. Justino places himself in face of the arid and remote inland, the one of the drought, the privation of resources that geography and meteorology cause to such lands, determining the posture of most of the people who inhabit them. This land imposes the ideas of immigration and road. The same land causes starvation and uneasiness and it is responsible, yet, for the most degrading condition of the characters. It zoomorphizes them and compares them to nature and to animals. What is presented, then, is a dense narrative with complex and reflective content. From this statement, the idea is how to work with such literary piece concerning Brazilian middle-class teenagers, mainly the ones who inhabit large urban centers, living such different realities compared to the one found in Justino, the retreater? Facing this reality, this paper present a proposal of an interdisciplinary activity in the 9th grade of Elementary School, provided with Information and Communication Technologies, making use of media present in the students’ daily lives, searching for inter-relations among the several subjects in their timetable.

Full Paper in PDF Document

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