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ESRI: Proposal of a Methodology Development of Educational Software Rich in Interaction



The educational software are emerging to be one of the pillars of the education how tools to facilitate the teaching-learning process. However, in recent years, a lot of software has been developed in a disorganized manner and poorly documented, so it is necessary to establish a disciplined methodology that guides its formal development.
In this paper we propose a methodology called ESRI (Methodology Development of Educational Software Rich in Interaction). This methodology is the result of following  a methodological framework that includes the combination of ISE methodology (Software Engineering Education) and the methodology UCD (User Centered Design). Moreover, in addition to these methodologies ESRI is enriched with models such as MoProSoft (Process Model for Software Industry), quality standards for software products (ISO / IEC 9126) and contributions based in software development using methodologies such as TSP (Team Software Process) and object-oriented modeling by UML.
ESRI follows the scheme of Evolutionary Process Model and consists of five phases: Analysis, Specification of requirements, Design, Development and Evaluation which aims to develop educational software in an organized way, that transmit the educational content effectively according to user characteristics, friendly interface and easy enough to use.

Full Paper in PDF Document

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