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Dynamic Performance Simulation and Test of a Conveyor

Guangbu LI and Fengying SHI.


This paper puts forward the application of AMESim to a belt conveyor model. Based on  discrete  element method, a conveyor  dynamic  model is studied. A  belt, idler and material are divided into finite units. Each unit is represented by a spring, damper and mass. Take-up model considers its dual friction when it moves up and down. The model of function of input and linear signal source is selected to build a model of a drive system and brake system. The performance simulation on belt velocity of a conveyor during starting and stopping process is carried out.  A velocity test on spot for the whole operation is conducted. The simulation is compared  to a velocity test on spot.  The comparison shows that both are in good agreement. Two cases are studied for different load conditions, different load take-ups and different conveyor stop type. The AMESim model of a conveyor and its method are right.

Full Paper in PDF Document

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