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Cardiac Rhythm Reflects Mental Condition as Confirmed by Detrended Fluctuation Analysis and Subjective Assesment Method

Albert M. Hutapea and Toru Yazawa


Work-related mental stress increases cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. This health problem is extensively studied and is assessed by both subjective and objective methods. Detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA) has been proposed as a potentially useful objective method to quantitatively determine the signs of cardiovascular disorders. Medical personnel, healthy and ill subjects can all benefit from a DFA of cardiac rhythm in detecting the presence and determining the degree of mental stress. Results from this study describe that all of the top and middle management personnel have low scaling exponent and most of them confirmed to be experiencing stress, in contrast with the common employees who exhibited an exponent of 1 and believe that they have a enjoyable life every day. In this study, the finding of the DFA of cardiac rhythm (objective method) agrees with the finding of the stress level questionnaire (subjective method).

Full Paper in PDF Document

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