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An A-Z of How an E-learning Course was Created

Ewa Donesch-Jezo.


As the result of the demands of the contemporary labour market in the globalized world, ESP e-learning courses are steadily growing in number. Language teaching and learning has irreversibly been bound to the use of computer software. Consequently, both second language teachers and students have to become acquainted with computer-mediated language courses. The specificity of learning tasks included in these courses lies in their interactive nature and the role of the teacher as a supervisor of the learning process and an evaluator of the learners’ advancement. Numerous on-line language courses, particularly those for ESP, have been developed through international collaboration and the support of EU funds. Facing the shortage of specialist materials for the on-line teaching of the English language related to a specific professional field, the English teachers of the JagiellonianUniversity in Krakow have undertaken the task of the development of an e-learning course for ESP classes. This paper describes the stages of the development of such a course for therapeutic professionals. These stages include: the choice of the course content, the methodological basis of the course, the designing of interactive exercises, and the training for the English teachers how to conduct a computer-mediated course.

Full Paper in PDF Document

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