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A Logistic Regression Analysis of Retention, Progression, and Graduation

Ebenezer F. Kolajo.


Growing discontent with return on investment in higher education has catapulted public discussion on college completion to the forefront. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the profile of students who have attained a four-year degree in six or less years to predict the relative importance of demographic and pre-college factors, as well as college behaviors on retention, progression, and graduation.  A logistic regression analysis and descriptive statistics are used to evaluate those student characteristics. The study results showed that college behavioral attributes including the first semester grade point average, full-time enrollment, early selection of a major or pre-major are more critical for academic success and persistence in college. The overall results have contributed some insights to the analysis of ways and means of improving retention, progression, and graduation at the focus institution.

Full Paper in PDF Document


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